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Re-code Shakespeare: Shakespeare puzzle

  *Frame type     * Calendar type

Is This Tomorrow? : Information overload

The more the better? The internet allows us to have unbelievable amount of information, however it also creates negative effect on accuracy of the information, and individuals could suffer from overloaded amount of… Continue reading

Sequence of Event: Recreation of randomness

From two randomly chosen books, from the pieces of marks on the books that are randomly created, the project expands the randomness further, by the kaleidoscope machine. The machine allows the audience to… Continue reading

Personal Dictionary

The personal dictionary project is about the way of understanding given words without a dictionary. What we normally understand a certain vocabulary without looking up the meaning, we use: • The context •… Continue reading

Sleep Paralysis

The book is about sleep paralysis which is not so common to experience for everyone. The book introduces what sleep paralysis is and how it feels like,with semi-abstract images.

Hidden Treasures/ A poster series for Museum & Study Collection

Dietrich Icon/ pattern book design

The project is about 1930s glamour star Marlene Dietrich, how glamour star’s image was created by director Josef von Sternberg and Dietrich herself. Dietrich’s iconic image was created with costumes, make up, use of… Continue reading

A series cover design for Faber film’s range of books

Homebase ‘Grow Your Own’ seed package design

In general, seed product is in folded paper. Although the package always consists important information like how to grow the seed inside, it seems difficult to keep the package because of its bad… Continue reading